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Pakiet Medyczny

DUET mix STANDARD package

Veterinary package for cat and dog, regardless of breed, age and health condition, for 12 months.

Contract for 12 months

Buy a package for your own pet or as a gift

Use package in one of 358 veterinary clinics that cooperates with PETHELP

Package activation till 24 h

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DUET mix STANDARD package


79 zł

monthly for 12 months

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Where can I go with PETHELP package?

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Package details

When you buy a package you'll get access to all services listed below in any veterinary clinic that cooperates with PETHELP.



Sick visits


Follow-up visits


Preventive health check-ups



Vaccination against rabies


Vaccination against other infectious diseases

Laboratory tests


Standard blood tests


Standard urine tests


Stool examinations

Parasite Prevention

260 zł

Ecto- and Endoparasites prevention & control allowance

Care procedures


Claw clipping


Anal glands expression


Tick removal

Other services


Online consultation



Additional gains


For purchases
at fera.pl


For supplements
at Dr PetCare

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the knowledge base

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the discount platform

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Where can I go with PETHELP package?

Find a vet

How to use a package in veterinary clinic?


Firstly, inform the reception that you have a Pethelp package.


At the visit you will be asked for your email address associated with your account at PETHELP. Veterinarian needs it to check your package.

That's it! After the visit, you receive SMS with information about the services provided.

Did you know that every month 10 new veterinary clinics join to Pethelp?


  • What is a PETHELP medical package?

    It is a set of specific veterinary services that are available within the duration of the package (12 months). You can get the PETELP package for a one-time payment (with a 5% discount) or for 12 equal, monthly payments.

  • Where can I use my PETHELP package?

    Up-to-date list of the veterinary clinics can be found here -> Find a vet

    There are currently over 300 of them, but that's not all. In addition, we offer a full flexibility - we do not assign you to a particular clinic - you can use all the vets cooperating with us in Poland. The list of animal health centers where you can go with our package can be found in the "Veterinary Clinics" tab.

  • Why choose PETHELP?

    The main advantage of PETHELP is the option to pay for veterinary services in 12 monthly installments or with a 5% discount for a one-time payment. By choosing a monthly payment, you break down your payment into convenient amounts, which can be compared to the utility or Internet bill. Thanks to our package, you provide your pet with constant access to veterinary care.
    When you buy a package, you get access to our loyalty program, in which you collect points in return for taking care of your pet. You can then exchange them for discounts at selected pet stores.
    We have also implemented an online consultation system so that you can consult a veterinarian from anywhere in the world. We are the first company in Poland to offer veterinary packages for pets.

  • How can I buy a package if I have more pets?

    Simply add another package to your shopping cart or if you have more animals (more than 2), contact us at kontakt@pethelp.pl with a request for an offer for your four-legged family. We will certainly find the best offer for you.

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