DUET mix PREMIUM package

Offer details

  • The numbers in the table show the quantity of the services to be used within a year from the date of purchase of the package.
  • You conclude the contract for 12 months.
  • You can buy a package for your own pet or for someone else as a gift.
  • You can use any veterinary clinic that cooperates with PETHELP.
  • Your package is active within not more than 24 hours of placing an order, usually it is much faster.
Preventive health check-ups

The preventive health check-up includes: general assessment (heart rate, body temperature, breathing, auscultation of the pet, palpation of the lymph nodes), mouth/dental examination, checking skin and coat condition, weight and overall condition of the pet.

Sick visits

A sick visit includes the same as a preventive health check-up, as well as taking a medical history, proposing further diagnostics and treatment, and if possible, an initial diagnosis.

Follow-up visits

The visit includes a clinical examination and continuation of treatment.


It is a method of tagging animals with a chip the size of a grain of rice. It allows you to quickly determine the owner of the animal and their contact details. This helps to prevent companion animals from becoming estrays.

Online vet consult

You can get the consult via your Client’s Panel.

Ecto- and Endoparasites prevention & control allowance

Ticks and fleas are very dangerous parasites. Remember to protect your pet in order to avoid numerous diseases.
An essential element of prevention is also the use of medicines against endoparasites, e.g. nematodes, tapeworms.

The allowance for this is 350 PLN. The veterinarian will select the perfect treatment for your pet.


You can vaccinate both pets against rabies and other infectious diseases - the vaccinations for dogs and cats vary. In the case of the dog, it is distemper, parvovirosis, adenovirosis causing acute hepatitis, parainfluenza. In cats, this vaccination is against herpes virus, calicivirosis and panleukopenia.

Each vaccination is preceded by a clinical examination.

Laboratory tests

Two extended blood tests
Two general urine tests
Two fecal flotation tests

Claw clipping

Basic care treatment that is worth remembering. Irregular clipping of claws in animals may, for example, lead to them growing into the skin, causing pain.

Expressing anal glands

The anal glands are structures on either side of the anus. They produce a secretion that is physiologically emptied during defecation. Sometimes, however, the fluid collected there does not escape, causing disease. Then there is a need to empty the glands by a veterinarian, administer medications and do follow-up checks every few weeks.


Additional diagnostic test used in case of certain diseases. Sometimes an X-ray is necessary to make a correct diagnosis.


Additional diagnostic test performed with the help of a special probe. It is essential to create an image and evaluate certain internal body structures.

Ears cleaning

This is an important care treatment, because excess earwax may accumulate. This often leads to inflammation, so regular checking and hygiene of your ears helps prevent infections.

Tick removal

If a tick gets stuck in your pet's skin, remove it as soon as possible. The longer a tick feeds, the more likely it is to transmit tick-borne diseases, such as babesiosis.

Tick examination

It is a genetic test performed using the PCR technique. It allows you to check if a tick is a carrier of pathogens that cause tick-borne diseases such as babesiosis and Lyme disease in dogs. The test is performed directly in the GeneVet laboratory. To use it, log in to the Customer Panel and follow the instructions in the "Referrals" tab.

Additionally, you get:

10% discount for purchases at fera.pl

Access to your pet card

Medical examinations reminder

Access to the knowledge base

Helping homeless animals

Discount for supplements from DrPetCare

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