Organize a webinar that your company has never seen before! We are confident that this will not be your employees' first or last webinar of this type. What proof do we have? After a webinar, our clients contact us again for more interesting webinar topics.

We collaborate with the best experts in their fields, so you can be confident that the webinar will be conducted professionally and substantively. Our team includes veterinarians (including professors and lecturers), behaviorists, nutritionists, dog trainers, and zoopsychologists.

Remember that webinars about animal health and care have a direct impact on employee well-being, which is frequently combined with corporate wellness programs.

What are our webinars all about? In simple terms, it is as follows:

·       a series of online meetings with selected specialists,

·        a series of open or closed lectures,

·        a chance to ask questions live or propose questions ahead of time.


What topics are discussed during webinars? It all depends on your employees' requirements! You can propose your own topic or be inspired by those that we have already done many times:

Basic prophylaxis in cats: why is it important, and how does it differ from prophylaxis in dogs?

Cat-friendly house - what does it mean and how do you create it?

Geriatric cats and their problems - what the owner should be aware of and how the owner can help his cat live a longer life.

The most common diseases in cats by age, what to look for in a cat's daily life, and what symptoms should prompt you to see a veterinarian?

Cat nutrition: a general overview of the cat diet.

Happy cat: what are the five most critical aspects of a cat's life?

How do you have a cat without going insane?

What exactly is cat and dogs veterinary prophylaxis?

Canine and feline nutrition.

Separation Anxiety.

Develop a relationship with your pet, or how do cats and dogs communicate?

The fundamental diseases of lagomorphs and rodents.

Basic reptile diseases.

Prevention programs and additional examinations for small mammals and reptiles.

 A pleasant walk with the dog: is there anything you can do wrong?

 Everything you need to know about bird nutrition.

When should I act if my bird becomes sick?

Take your dog for a walk! Plan walks that are appropriate for the species of your dog.

How do you raise a well-balanced dog? A pragmatic approach.

A cat and a dog living together, or how to make them coexist peacefully.

Another cat in the house? How do the current residents get along?

Is it safe to walk a cat on a leash, and is it appropriate for all cats?

Food allergies in cats: how do you pick a diet?

Cat nutrition facts and myths.

How does your cat's diet affect its lifespan?

Such events are ideal for surprising employees, for example, on Cat Day, Dog Day, or the International Day of Homeless Animals. Of course, a webinar for animal lovers can be held at any time!

Interested?  Leave your contact information below, and Konrad will get back to you! 👇👇👇