Our mission is to improve the quality of life for pets

Our vision - a world where pets have unlimited access to the veterinary care

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For the good of animals

Every caring owner of a dog or a cat knows perfectly well that having a pet at home is not only fun, but also numerous obligations. After all, animals, like humans, also get sick, grow old and suffer. Therefore, being a good guardian of a four-legged friend is a big responsibility, and what goes with it - also a considerable expense. At Pethelp, we eliminate the financial barrier thanks to packages at attractive prices.

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For the convenience of the owners

We are aware of the stress that their pet's disease causes to every household member. We also know how expensive the treatment can be. Just in the case of these difficult, yet unavoidable situations, we want to lend a helping hand. We deliver and work on solutions that are changing the world to be more friendly to animals and their health.

Our core values


we run our business in a fair way – obeying the law, applicable social standards and the commonly understood sense of decency


we have created an offer tailored to the needs of the wide group of pet owners. For your convenience, we are constantly expanding the number of veterinary clinics


the health of your pet and your satisfaction are the 2 most important things for us, therefore we make every effort to provide you with the best quality services


Pet lovers who believe that the highest quality veterinary care can be within reach of each and every pet owner

Sławomir Wiatr

CEO, Co-founder


Paweł Karaś


Mariusz Wojciechowski


Zuzanna Radwańska

Business Development Manager (Veterinarian)


Karolina Ciesielska

Veterinary consultant (veterinarian)


Katarzyna Andrzejewska

Customer Experience Manager


Joanna Moskwa

Customer Experience Specialist


Weronika Gut

Customer Experience Specialist


Zofia Krajewska

Veterinary consultant (veterinarian)


Anna Linek

Key Account Manager


Arletta Jędraszek-Kazior

Social Media, Copywriting

Paweł Wróbel