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Motivate your employees
with PETHELP benefit

More than a half of Poles (52%) are cat or dogs owners. 

It’s also a big group of your employees.


  • Access to over 450 recommended veterinary facilities in Poland.
  • Follow-up visits, vaccinations, laboratory tests, tick prevention and many more veterinary services.
  • Customer panel with the pet's medical history, laboratory test results, and additional services.

These companies already trust PETHELP:

Ilona Perużyńska-Zych

Head of HR

We received a lot of positive feedback from employees on the first day after we announced PETHELP. Beginning with likes in our internal workplace and progressing to emails and phone calls. Of course, there were some concerns about this novel idea, but there was no negative feedback from our employees.

What will employers gain from Pethelp?

A strong distinction from the competition

Thanks to this unique employee benefit and pet-friendly atmosphere.

Loyalty and satisfaction of a large group of employees

More than 50% of Poles are pet owners.

Increased interest in your company's job offers

PETHELP is the only such benefit on the Polish market.

Positive PR and strengthened employer brand

Increased employees' satisfaction.

Increased CRS and NPS indicators

PETHELP is the one and only employee benefit for pet owners.

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    Piotr Serafin

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