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A illness visit with a dog or cat - what does it include, how is it going? How much does it cost?

This is a visit during which the doctor will examine the animal, try to determine the cause of the disease, and, if necessary, administer treatment*. A thorough interview will be conducted, during which the doctor will recognize what happened to the pet and what concerns the owner. A clinical examination will also be performed, which will include checking the temperature, pulse, number of breaths, auscultation of the chest and heart, palpation of peripheral lymph nodes and the abdominal cavity, and examination of the systems affected by a possible disorder. Additional tests (blood, urine, stool, imaging) will be ordered by the veterinarian if they are required. The vet will make a diagnosis and begin treatment* as soon as possible.

This service is available in Pethelp packages. Package prices start at 29 PLN/month


How is the illness visit carried out?

The illness visit should always include a detailed interview, a clinical examination, and possibly additional tests (blood, urine, feces, imaging tests, or other additional diagnostic tests). If an imaging test is required and the facility has the equipment to perform an ultrasound or x-ray, these services might be available right away. 

*The owner should always pay for medications in the clinic if they were administered during the visit; they are not covered by the PETHELP package.


  • How much does an illness visit for a dog or cat cost?

    A visit for illness costs between PLN 80 and PLN 120. This is the cost of the visit itself. The owner is responsible for paying for medications in the veterinary facility; they are not covered by the PETHELP package.

  • How long does a visit last if a dog or cat is sick?

    A sick visit can last from 30 minutes to an hour. If additional tests (X-ray, ultrasound) are ordered immediately, the time spent in the clinic will be longer.

  • How do I prepare my dog or cat for an illness visit?

    Before the visit, try to gather all of your pet's previous medical documentation and bring a health book or passport with you. Recording or taking pictures of any symptoms that bother you (your pet coughs, vomits, or seizures) is also advisable. Don't forget to capture the entire episode. It is recommended that you write down any questions you wish to ask the doctor. If you need to stay longer, for example, for a drip, bringing a blanket or a mat that your pet enjoys lying on will undoubtedly make this time more pleasant for him and less stressful. It is beneficial for the pet to attend such a visit on an empty stomach (if blood tests are needed, they can be done right away). If your pet ate something unsuitable for animals, such as plants, it's best to know what kind of plant it was; if it was household chemicals or animal poisons, bring a package with the specified composition with you (never induce vomiting on your own at home). If your pet has been in an accident, it is best to call the veterinary facility ahead of time so that they can advise you on how to best protect your pet during transport.

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