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Veterinary doctors testimonies

Michał Skolik

Great idea. We work with Pethelp. Pet owners come with their medical packages and are very satisfied with the service.

Kajetan Radajewski

I am satisfied with the cooperation with Pethelp. They are reliable, honest, you can see that cooperation with doctors is important to them, in case of any issues they get in touch quickly and explain them. My clients also appreciate the possibility of using medical packages.

Andrzej Mastalerz

In my opinion, Pethelp is a great solution for a pet owner. It is designed for caregivers who think about protecting their pet against infectious and parasitic diseases. It is for caregivers who expect a partnership with Pethelp to give them benefits. Patients who use the package are very satisfied with this wonderful form of medical care. This form of financing pet medical care is simple and transparent.

M. Katarzyna Trojanowska

We are satisfied with the cooperation with Pethelp. There is a lack of such solutions in Poland while they are needed, and that's why we decided to give it a try at the very beginning. Patient owners have more freedom, are not afraid of high costs, and we are happy with the reliability of cooperation with Pethelp, not mentioning that payments are always on time.

Veterinarian, radiologist

Benefits from working with us

Regular check-ups

Only 37% of dogs and 25% of cats are medicated, which is mainly due to low awareness of prevention importance among pet owners and postponing the visits due to lack of money or due to other expenses. PETHELP packages, thanks to a relatively low monthly fee, eliminate the financial barrier in accessing veterinary services, thanks to which a larger number of animal owners can regularly visit a veterinarian.

You will help more animals

Along with the elimination of the price barrier in accessing veterinary services, more animals benefit from veterinary care. By cooperating with PETHELP, you also support people adopting animals from the shelters. Thanks to the Pet Adoption Welfare Support (PAWS) Program, under which everyone who adopts a dog or cat from a shelter will receive an attractive discount on the PETHELP veterinary package. You do not lose anything, because PETHELP covers the costs of these discounts, and you gain by supporting a project with a social impact!

Innovative services and a marketplace

By working with us, you get access to the partner’s panel in which you will find, among others. an online store where you can order specialized food for your patients at prices even 15% lower than standard online prices, with direct delivery to the customer's home. In addition, we prepared a discount program for you, where you can take advantage of attractive discounts on medical equipment, accessories for clinical equipment and many other products from the veterinary industry or innovative services, e.g. online booking system for visits.

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What is a PETHELP veterinarian package?

It is a set of specific veterinary services that are available within the duration of the package (12 months). You can get the PETELP package for a one-time payment (with a 5% discount) or for 12 equal, monthly payments. The packages are suitable for dogs and cats of all ages, regardless of breed and health condition.

Will I be forced to change my customer service standards and prices?

No. We respect your "workshop" and experience and we absolutely do not impose any standards or price list on you. We also do not interfere with medications or prescribed drugs. You are the boss in your clinic and we do not want to change that. We adapt to your price list if it is within our reach. We are committed to flexible cooperation and good partnership principles.

What is the duration of the contract for and is it exclusive?

We conclude the contract for an indefinite period of time with the possibility of termination at any time, without any penalties or nor non-competition clauses. We believe in a free market and competition based on healthy and fair rules. The notice period is 1 month.

How does the typical customer visit looks like and what system will I be using?

We have an integration with the KlinikaXP software, but you can also use our proprietary and very simple doctor's panel. In both cases, we will provide a training for you.

You can find the customer after entering their e-mail address for which the service has been registered. After displaying a patient, a list of services available to this client will appear on screen. You just mark the services provided and save the visit. That's all, and every 1st day of the month we will send you a summary of services provided by you, for which we will pay you within a maximum of 7 days.