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Packages for dogs

Choose a package for your pet

You may use the services listed in the tables for the duration of the contract.

The agreement is valid for one year.


-,- PLN


or one-time

-,- PLN (-5%)


-,- PLN


or one-time

-,- PLN (-5%)


-,- PLN


or one-time

-,- PLN (-5%)

Your annual savings on veterinary services

500 PLN
1000 PLN
2000 PLN


Illness visits

Follow-up visit

Preventive health check-ups

Cardiology consultation

Behavior consultation

Nutrition consultation

Laboratory tests

Standard urine test

General urine test

Standard blood test

Extended blood test

Geriatric blood test

Thyroid blood test

Fecal flotation test

Stool examination - Giardia test


Rabies vaccination

Vaccination against other infectious diseases

Kennel cough vaccination

Leptospirosis vaccination

Imaging tests

Ultrasound scan


Other tests

Blood pressure measurement

Thick examination

Care procedures

Claw clipping

Anal glands expression

Ears cleaning

Other services

Antiparasitic drugs co-fund

50 PLN
100 PLN
150 PLN


Thick removal

Annual preventive health care plan

Payment can be made in a single payment or in 12 equal installments.

With each package, you will receive:

for shopping at fera.pl
for Dr PetCare suplements
Access to the knowledge base and gamification
Access to the discount platform Unique offers in many different shops!

Not sure which package you need for your pet?

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