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Every second person in Poland owns a dog or a cat – this is a big group of your employees

Providing medical care to employees and their families is already a frequent practice. We propose a minor correction and extend the medical package also to their four-legged friends. In a red-hot labor market, it will surely be a serious competitive advantage.

Taking good care of a pet not only makes the animal happier, but also makes it gets sick less, which in a straight line leads to a better well-being of both the pet and its owner, your employee. Moreover, according to research, most people in Poland treat their dogs and cats as friends, and 80% of them consider them family members.

PETHELP's mission is to improve the quality of life for pets. By choosing our offer, you are taking part in this mission and help us achieve it.

PETHELP is the only such benefit on the Polish market.

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What will you gain thanks to Pethelp?

Loyalty and satisfaction of a large group of employees, the pet owners

A strong differentiator in the labor market

Significant image boost

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