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Pakiet weterynaryjny

Basic package for a cat

Veterinary package for a cat regardless of breed, age and health condition, for 12 months. This package is only available for purchase with Pethelp Plus insurance.

Contract for 12 months

Buy a package for your own pet or as a gift

Use package in one of 695 veterinary clinics that cooperates with PETHELP

Package activation in 24 hours

Package details

With a package, you'll get access to all services listed below in any veterinary clinic that cooperates with PETHELP.


1 x

Preventive health check-up


1 x

Vaccination against other infectious diseases

Laboratory tests

1 x

Standard blood test

Other services

1 x


1 x

Annual preventive health care plan

Additional gains


For the Game Dog


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Where can I go with PETHELP package?

Find a vet

How to use a package in veterinary clinic?


Firstly, inform the reception that you have a Pethelp package.


During the visit, you'll be prompted for the email address linked to your PETHELP account. It's necessary to look into your package's range of services.

That's it! After the visit, you will receive an SMS with confirmation about the provided services.

Did you know that every month 10 new veterinary clinics join to Pethelp?


  • What exactly is PETHELP?

    The PETHELP package is a reusable voucher that can be redeemed for the services indicated in its description at PETHELP-collaborating facilities. The voucher is not tangible. You do not need to bring it with you; only provide the animal's microchip number or the email address with which you registered for an account at PETHELP. You have the option of paying for the package (voucher) all at once (and receiving a 5% discount) or spreading the payment over 12 months and paying a fixed, equal sum each month.

  • Where can I use the PETHELP package?

    You can find the most current list of veterinary facilities here -> Find a vet

    There are already around 430 of them, and the number is constantly increasing.

  • Why should you go with PETHELP?

    The PETHELP package assists you in preventive measures, such as regular veterinarian appointments, allowing you to ensure your pet's long and healthy life and prevent potential diseases. The cost of preventative measures and care becomes more predictable for you by selecting a package appropriate to your pet's breed, age, and health condition, and the option of splitting the payment into 12 installments provides you with greater financial comfort than paying unexpected and abrupt charges. PETHELP is also a consumer discount portal where you can save money on almost anything your pet needs. Our customer service staff members will assist you in selecting a veterinarian facility as well as answering any questions you may have regarding the packages.

  • How can I purchase a package if I have more than one pet?

    Simply add another package (a voucher) to your shopping basket, or if you have more than two animals, contact us at kontakt@pethelp.pl and ask for an offer for your four-legged family. We will definitely recommend the best possible offer for you.

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