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Preventive health check-up of a dog or cat - what does it contain, how is it performed? How much does it cost?

A preventive health check-up is a visit during which a veterinarian examines your animal and conducts an interview about nutrition, care, exercise tolerance, defecation, and micturition. You will be informed about required and optional vaccinations, as well as the importance of tick and parasite control.

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When should you take your pet for a preventive health checkup?

A preventive health check is recommended when you want to ensure that your pet does not exhibit any concerning symptoms. You should check your dog's or cat's overall health at least once a year. A preventive health checkup can reduce your pet's risk of becoming ill or protect him from a serious disease that, if detected too late, can be a serious health problem. The doctor may order additional tests during the visit, such as blood tests, urine tests, a stool examination, or imaging tests. The vet will ensure that there is nothing to be concerned about based on the results. If the results raise concerns, additional diagnostics will definitely be ordered.

What exactly is a preventive health examination? 

During a health checkup, a detailed history and clinical examination should be performed. A clinical examination includes observing your dog's overall appearance, listening to their chest with a stethoscope (auscultation), and feeling specific areas of the body (palpation). It includes an examination of your pet's eyes, ears, and coat for overall condition, abnormal hair loss or dandruff, how your dog walks and stands, and a weight check. The veterinarian should also provide comprehensive answers to your questions and concerns about your pet's health.


  • How much does a preventive health checkup for a dog or cat cost?

    The cost of a preventive health check ranges from PLN 50 to PLN 90.

  • How long does a preventive health checkup for a dog or cat take?

    A preventive visit lasts about 30 minutes.

  • How do I prepare my dog or cat for a preventive health checkup?

    When you go for a checkup visit, you should bring your pet's health book and any relevant medical records with you. Arrive early enough at the clinic to report at reception and possibly supplement the information on the pet's health card. If additional tests will be conducted, the animal should be fasted. As a result, the veterinarian will be able to perform imaging or blood tests. Prepare a list of questions to ask the doctor during the consultation. You can also provide videos of the animal's problematic behavior. This is an excellent time to discuss any concerns you may have with your veterinarian. You can also bring your dog or cat's favorite treat. If taking your pet to the vet is stressful for him, the reward he will receive from you will allow him to associate this event with something pleasant.

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