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How often should a dog's or cat's claws be clipped? How much does it cost?

A claw is the horny protrusion of the epidermis that protects the tips of the fingers. They also aid in movement and are used for holding and defending. The keratin that makes up dog's and cat's claws is the same as that found in human nails. Claw care is crucial for both cats and dogs to keep them in good condition.

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Do all cats and dogs need to have their nails clipped? 

When walking or playing on rough surfaces, dogs might trim their claws. Cats typically manage with scratchers or other household surfaces. As a result, not all pets require having their claws clipped. It is important to observe your pet's paws to see if the time is right for the grooming treatment. 

How frequently should I trim my pet's nails? 

It all depends on the individual predispositions of the pet: the type of ground on which it walks, the frequency of its activity, and the diet. The first sign that claws are overgrown is their curvature and contact with the ground. Subsequently, it may become difficult to move. When the problem worsens, it can lead to injuries, lameness, damage to the finger bones, and deformities in this area. It is best to regularly check the length of the claws, although this is usually done every 3–4 weeks. 

Where can I do the procedure? 

The treatment can be performed by a veterinarian or groomer. Some animals prefer it when the clipping is done at home by the owner. It is not a difficult task, and on your first visit, you can ask for some recommendations to make it easier for you to trim the claws later on yourself. It is worthwhile to use professional assistance if you don't feel capable of handling it yourself. The process will then have been correctly completed, and the animal will not have experienced any stress. 

What to do in case of an injury? 

Bleeding may occur when claws are cut. This happens when the blood vessels that supply the claw are damaged. This most often occurs in animals with black claw pigmentation or an overgrown claw quick. Your veterinarian has a variety of hemostatic agents at his disposal. If it happen to break a blood vessel at home, you should stay calm. In most cases, the hemorrhage will stop after a few minutes. If this does not happen, contact your vet as soon as possible.


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