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Removal of a tick on a dog - how is it done? How much does it cost?

There are 900 species of ticks in the globe, which are arachnids. In Poland, there are 20 different kinds, and three of them are harmful to dogs. A tick bite poses a risk of contracting a tick-borne disease, whether viral, bacterial, or protozoal. One of the most dangerous is babesiosis, which is caused by protozoa of the genus Babesia. The removal of a tick stucked in your pet's skin as soon as possible reduces the chance of transmission of tick-borne pathogens and the development of the disease

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How do you remove a tick?

The tick can be removed with tweezers. Grab it as close to the skin as possible and twist it smoothly, e.g., clockwise. It is very important to check that no fragments are left in the skin. The tick should come out with the head and legs (it has 8 legs in the adult and nymph forms and 6 in the larval forms). Special tweezers and forceps are available on the market. There are also preparations for freezing ticks. Everything relies on the preferences of the caregiver and how cooperative the pet is throughout this activity. The area on the skin after removing the tick should be observed. If there is any tick fragment left in the skin, it is better to remove it as an abscess may form. We recommend going to the veterinarian to check the health of your pet.

Does the time after which we remove the tick matter?

Unfortunately, yes, time plays an important role here. Research shows that it only takes 24 hours of tick feeding for a dog to become infected with Babesia canis. In the case of Lyme disease and anaplasmosis, 48 hours are enough to become infected with the pathogen. It often happens that we do not notice a feeding tick on our pet until it has time to fall off. Then the development of the disease may already be underway, which is why it is so important to use prophylaxis against ticks.

Where can I do the procedure?

The treatment can be carried out on your own at home. This is the fastest and easiest way to remove a tick that is already stuck in the skin. If you do not feel strong enough, the pet is not cooperating, or there have been several unsuccessful attempts, it is better to see a veterinarian. Then we are sure that the procedure will be performed by a specialist. In addition, the pet will be examined immediately and, if necessary, additional tests can be performed. In the case of tick-borne diseases, a quick response from the caregiver is crucial.


  • How much does it cost to remove a tick from a dog or cat?

    Removing a tick costs from 10 to 30 PLN. The price depends on the number of ticks removed as well as the complexity of the procedure. Sometimes the patient does not want to cooperate, or the owner has already made unsuccessful attempts to remove the intruder on his own. Each veterinary clinic sets its own prices, and it is worth asking about the costs of a given service before the visit.

  • How long does it take to remove a tick from a dog or cat?

    Removal of a single tick is usually short and takes up to several minutes. If the patient does not cooperate or has a large number of parasites stuck in the body, the duration of the procedure is longer.

  • How do I prepare a dog or cat for tick removal?

    The procedure for removing the tick does not require prior preparation of the animal. We should not lubricate the tick with anything; it can provoke the return of the food content of the insect and the release of dangerous pathogens into the pet's blood. After spotting the parasite on the skin, remove it as soon as possible, either by yourself or by going to the vet for an appointment. Each contact with a tick carries a risk of tick-borne disease. After such an event, you should carefully observe your pet or go to a veterinary clinic for a visit.

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